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 Ancient Egyptian Arts and Prints  

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Ancient Egyptian Arts and Prints



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 Art & Fotographs of Ancient Egypt

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Eyewitness Travel Guides Egypt
 Eyewitness Travel Guide to Egypt

Over 1,000 full color photographs. Cutaways and floor plans of major sights. Easy-to-use maps and plans. Over 200 hotels and restaurants. Advice on exploring the Pyramids and Ancient Tombs. Boat tours on the Nile and diving in the Red Sea.

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Lonely Planet Travel Guides Egypt  Lonely Planet Egypt

Fully updated and expanded, this practical guide is the ideal companion for exploring Egypt's legendary attractions. It offers practical information for all budgets, information on outdoor activities (from snorkeling to camel safaris), over 91 new or thoroughly updated maps, and notes on shopping for local crafts.

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Lonely Planet Travel Guides Cairo, Egypt  Lonely Planet Cairo

Detailed information on the heart of Islamic Cairo is especially helpful. There are even several walking paths that the author maps out to help you make the most out of your sight seeing. Other guides might have a lot of colorful pictures, but the quality of information is not even comparable.

Click here to BUY THE BOOK

Fodor's Egypt  Fodor's Egypt

No matter what your budget or whether it's your first trip or fifteenth, Fodor's Gold Guides get you where you want to go. Color planning sections help you decide where to go with region-by-region virtual tours. Insider info that's totally up to date. Every year our local experts give you the inside track, showing you all the things to see and do.

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Fodor's Exploring Egypt  Fodor's Exploring Egypt

Fodor's Exploring Guides are the most up-to-date, full-color guidebooks available. Loaded with photos, essays on culture and history, descriptions of sights, and practical information. Full-color photos make these great guides to buy if you're still planning your itinerary, and they are perfect companions to general guidebooks, like Fodor's Gold Guides.

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The Rough Guide to Egypt  The Rough Guide to Egypt

The focus of most visits remains the great monuments of the Nile Valley, combined with a few days spent exploring the souks, mosques and madrassas of Islamic Cairo. Egyptian travel also encompass snorkelling and diving along the Red Sea coasts, remote oases and camel trips into the mountains of Sinai, or visits to the Coptic monasteries of the Eastern Desert.

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Passport's Illustrated Guide to Egypt  Passport's Illustrated Guide to Egypt

This guide book gave our family all the necessary info and trivia to enjoy Ancient and Modern Egypt. From Luxor and the Valley of the Kings to Aswan Dam, we learned more from Passport's than our tourguides. In Cairo, the maps helped with our navigation. Small and compact yet informative.

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Egypt: Odyssey Illustrated Guides  Egypt: Odyssey Illustrated Guides

Robert Morkot shares the basics of Egyptian food, etiquette and customs, shopping and sports. He illuminates chapters on specific regions with more than 50 full-color photographs that highlight archeological wonders like Elephantine Island of Aswan. Detailed Maps, hotel and airline information, and an introduction to the hieroglyphic alphabet make this book an essential guide to a fascinating country.
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