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 Factoring  - Invoice Pre Financing

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Do you need to collect your receivables now instead of later?
Do you need to improve your cash-flow, and can’t rely on loans?

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   Businesscenter can help you! (nous parlons Français)

   Most small or start-up businesses cannot rely on loan financing. They are often turned

   down by banks for not having established credit or have poor credit, and do not have other

   means of financing to rely on.

   These businesses face a greater challenge than established companies to:

  • Meet payroll

  • Pay suppliers on time

  • Invest for growth

  • Smooth out seasonal cash-flow needs

  • Survive

   To help businesses meet these challenges, we offer cost-effective and timely solutions to

   improve cash-flow

   by collecting receivables in advance.

   If you face difficulties with your cash-flow or simply want to improve your cashflow,

   we invite you to read on. We answer the following questions below:

  • What is Invoice Pre-Financing?

  • What are the benefits?

  • How does Invoice Pre-Financing work?

  • Does my company qualify for Invoice Pre Financing?

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   What is Invoice Pre-Financing?

   In short, Invoice Pre-Financing is the process of selling your receivables for cash. It is

   the service of exchanging the interest in your accounts receivables or invoices to a funding

   source at a nominal discount,and is used to improve cash-flow of businesses.

   Sometimes Invoice Pre-Financing is called "account receivable financing" or “advanced

   funding of receivables.” Invoice Pre-Financing  is a service that has been in practice since

   the dawn of commerce. Today, Invoice Pre-Financing  provides over 100 billion dollars of

   funds to industry each year and is an increasingly popular solution to improving cashflow of

   businesses of all sizes including multi-billion dollar corporations.

   With work of creative financiers, Invoice Pre-Financing is now easily accessible to  

   smaller sized businesses to which banks are reluctant to lend funds.

   Invoice Pre-Financing is filling a tremendous void that banks have created.


Were to setup your Branch ?

Invoice Pre Finance possible ?

What are the local Company Taxes ?



22 % on the net results

Ireland Dublin


12,5 % on the net results



25 % on the net results

New York


17 % on the net results


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   What are the benefits?

   Invoice Pre-Financing  can improve the cashflow of your business.

   Many companies find their cashflow a major recurring problem. Companies often can't

   afford to have cash tied up in receivables 30-45 days, a average period for many companies

   to collect their receivables. They need the cash to meet immediate present financial

   demands of their business. Unfortunately, most companies cannot turn to banks since

   banks often have restrictive lending requirements related to cash flow, profitability, equity,

   and years in business which prohibit them from making loans.

   Two-ten-net-thirty, or whatever the terms are, companies are more than willing to discount

   their prices in order to have cash NOW. To be paid now by your customers, how much

   would you be willing to discount your prices? 2%, 3%, 5%, 10% ?

   Invoice Pre-Financing  is a cost-effective and timely service that helps companies

   speed up their cashflow, thereby enabling it to more readily pay its current obligations and

   grow. Advanced funding of account receivable enables these companies to convert their

   invoices into instant cash. Invoice Pre-Financing  can help companies to:

  • Stay current with its vendors, payroll and taxes.

  • Go after bigger sales

  • Take advantage of vendor discounts

  • Smooth out seasonal demands for cash

  • Invest for growth in a timely basis

  • Survive

   When you factor, you do not incur any debt, and there are no monthly payments.

   You control your cash flow by determining how much to factor, and when.


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   How does Invoice Pre-Financing work?

   Invoice Pre-Financing  is fast, easy to set up, and easy to terminate. After a short due

   diligence period, an account is set up and the company forwards invoices to the funding

   source, representing money due from its customers. Then, the funding source advances,

   via wire transfer, a significant portion of the face value of an invoice and retain the remainder

   as a reserve. Once the funding source is paid on the invoices, the transaction is complete,

   and the funding source will release the reserved amount of the invoice, minus the

   predetermined financing fee for advancing the cash.

   From a Invoice Pre-Financing  standpoint, the decision to purchase invoices is influenced

   by the quality of your customer base and their performance as opposed to your years in

   business or financial strength. If you have good, reliable customers, as you should, you

   represent a viable factoring candidate.

   Invoice Pre-Financing fees vary from company to company.

   They are also competitive with bank financing.

   Unlike bank financing, however, factoring fees are determined, not by the companies

   creditworthiness, but by a combination of the creditworthiness of your customer, average

   payment cycle, invoice size and factoring volume.

   The fees can be as low as 2% of the invoice amount, depending on the level of risk involved

   You have control and decide which invoices you need to sell to manage your cash flow needs.

   You can factor your invoices daily, weekly, monthly, or seasonally.


     Does my company qualify for Invoice Pre-Financing ?

     You qualify if any of these apply to you:

  • If you are a young company with credit worthy customers but lack the financial track record

  • required  by traditional lenders.

  • Your business is doing well, but to take advantage of new sales and profit opportunities you

  • need more cash flow.

  • Your business might have income or credit problems and tax problems.

  • If your company has operating losses or have already filed for bankruptcy protection.

  • Your business is growing rapidly and you need capital to fill orders or services, but have too  much

  • money tied up in accounts receivable.

  • Your business is positioned to increase your current volume of business but do not want to incur  

  • any debt or increase overhead.

      Quick facts about Invoice Pre-Financing

  • Invoice Pre-Financing  or advanced funding of receivables is the process of selling invoices to a

  • funding source to receive money owed by customers far in advance of the customary 30 to 45 days.

  • Invoice Pre-Financing  has been in practice for decades by the most prominent corporations, and

  • has recently become easily accessible to smaller businesses.

  • Invoice Pre-Financing  is a cost-effective and timely solution to quickly improving cashflow of

  • growing companies.

  • After a short due diligence period, funding sources advance a significant portion of the face value

  • of invoices, retaining the remainder as reserve.

  • After the invoice is collected the reserve is released less nominal discount for the funding source.

  • Fees are determined mainly by the creditworthiness of the companies’ customer base, NOT by

  • those of the companies themselves.

  • Each invoice handled independently. You determine what invoice to factor, how much, and when.

      Fortunately, banks are not the only source of working capital. Money can be obtained

      quickly through accounts receivable  where an ongoing line of capital can easily be

      established. Invoice Pre-Financing also goes hand in hand with your financial planning,

      giving you some predictability in your month-to-month financial situations.



    L'affacturage est un contrat par lequel un établissement de crédit spécialisé, appelé factor,

    achète ferme les créances détenues par un fournisseur, appelé vendeur, sur ses clients

    (français ou étrangers), appelés acheteurs ou bénéficiaires de services et ce moyennant rémunération.


    L'opération consiste donc pour le fournisseur à céder au factor ses factures en échange de quoi ce dernier

    lui consentira une avance sous déduction des intérêts et commissions.
    Le vendeur accorde au factor l'exclusivité de l'affacturage de toutes ses créances ; le factor se charge

    de l'encaissement des cré avance au vendeur le montant des créances cédées moyennant

     le paiement de commissions.

    En cas d'impayés, le risque est assuré par le factor/b> qqui ne peut se retourner contre le vendeur.

    L'affacturage est assuré par des établissements spécialisés ; On peut citer FactoFrance Heller, la

    Société Française de Factoring et la Banque Sofirec. De nombreuses banques ont des filiales spécialisées

    dans l'affacturage.




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