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      Taxation and Tax rates in Luxemburg - Soparfi            

        SOPARFI, setup advice -The Laws on the Securization Company in Luxemburg 






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   About Luxemburg  Company Formations by our Profesionnals

   Luxemburg , is not an Offshore Center ,

   The Country is located in the EEC Europe and has attracted for many years all kind of

   businessmen willing to incorporate and to do a part of their banking affairs.

   The Taxrates are reasonable , the Vat rates are among the lowest in Europe.

   The Financial Centre in Luxemburg is efficient and known for her discretion.


   Free Taxadvice  and Tax Management available :

   Make an appointment with our economist in Luxemburg , Brussels , London or Paris.


   Types of Companies who can be setup , according to the different situations and needs of the Customer.


Type of companies   Structure Details


The new Family Estate Management Company

Taxrate less than 1%

Euro 32.000

free to Euro 8.000

Shares at sight

Nominees possible


Commercial invoices and/or Participations

Euro 32.000

free to Euro 8.000

Shares at sight

Nominees possible

Royalties or Licenses Company

Franchise rights

Taxrate less than 1%

Euro 32.000

free to Euro 8.000

Shares at sight

Nominees possible

E-Business / E Commerce



22% on the net results

Euro 2.500

vat rate 15 % or

0 % intracom

Holdings - Participation Company

Taxrate less than 1%  

Shares at sight

Nominees possible

Real Estate Owning Companies

Owns directly Estates or Shares of Real estate Companies

sci senc

sàrl or sa

Shares at sight

Nominees possible

Securization Companies

Risk or Financial assets bearing Companies

sàrl or sa

Shares at sight

Nominees possible

Services Invoicing Companies


22% on the net results

sci senc

sàrl or sa

vat rate 15 % or

0 % intracom

The European Company S.E EEC Unique Company s.e Luxemburg taxrate



   Which are your ADVANTAGES ?
 ● You will have an European Quality Presence .
Opening of Luxemburg Bank accounts possible with Online Banking .
   The Director can receive financial compensations outside your Country.
   Local Phone-number possible (Euro 10 + 15 % VAT MONTHLY)
   Luxemburg E@Mail adress.LU possible

   Assistance into the demands with the Administrations.

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    FREE TECHNICAL TAXATION-ADVICE ,without expensive Fees to pay for.

    Ask us a TAX SOLUTION who is right for you ..

    AVIS TAXATION TECHNIQUE GRATUIT , demandez nous une SOLUTION FISCALE adaptée pour votre

    situation .Cet avis est gratuit.




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