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Alchemy, Alternative Health,

Ancient Civilizations,

Ancient Mysteries,

Ancient Religions,


Anthroposophy, Apocalyptic, Apocrypha, Architecture,

Arthurian Legend, Arts,

Astral Body, Astrology,

Astronomy, Atlantis,

Aura & Health,

Auto-Suggestions, Aztecs,



Bible & Spiritualism, Bible Study,

Biblical Allegorism, Biblical Mythology,

Buddhism, Card Reading,

Chaldaean, Character Analysis,

Christian Science,

Christianity, Clairvoyance, Color & Sound,
Comparative Religions, Concentration,

Cosmic Consciousness,

Cosmology, Crystal Gazing,

Death, Delphic Mysteries, Divination,

Dreams, Druidism & Celts, Eastern Doctrines,

Egyptian, Eleusinian Mysteries,

Emotions, Esoterism, Ethics, Etiquette,

Fortune Telling, Freemasonry, Gems,

Geometry, Gnosticism, Health & Healing,

Hebrew, Hermetics, Hinduism,

Holy Grail, Hypnotism, Immortality,


Inspirational, Islam, Jesus Christ, Karma,

Knights Templar, Lemuria, Martinism,

Masonic, Metaphysics,

Mind-& Body, Miracles,Mithraic,


Mayan, Mysticism, Mystics, Mythology,

Nature Worship, Numerology,

Oriental Philosophy, Palmistry, Philosophy, Physiognonmy, P

lato, Plotinus, Poetry, Prayer, Prophecy, Prosperity, Psychic Phenomena,

Psychic Sciences, Pyramids, Pythagorean, Qabalah, Reincarnation, Religion,

Rituals & Ceremony, Rosicrucianism,

Sacred Books,

Science, Secret Societies,

Self-Help, Spiritism,

Spiritualism, Success, Sufism, Superstition,

Sym-bolism, Talismans, Tarot,

Telepathy, Theology,

Theosophy, Thought Power,

Transcendental, Physics,

Vedanta, Vegetarianism, Yoga,

plus much more!


The Holy Family





Book Cover
Michelangelo: The Sistine Ceiling (Sistine Ceiling)


Book Cover
The Vatican Vergil: A Masterpiece of Late Antique Art


Masterpieces of the Vatican


Book Cover

The Last Judgement : Volume 1:

The Restoration, Volume 2: Color Plates


   Buy Egyptian Figures at Art.com

   Egyptian Arts



Vitruvian Man






The Creation of Adam, 1508-1512


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Holy Blood, Holy Grail


The Passion


The Gospel of Mary Magdalene



Beyond Belief


Holy Bible New King James Version Compact Reference Bi...


Kjv Ultra-trim Bible


The Holy Bible Containing the Old and New Testaments


The Case for Christ


Holy Blood, Holy Grail


If You Want to Walk on Water, You've Got to Get Out of...


Lost Christianities


Holy Bible King James Version Study Bible






Pope John Paul
Pope John Paul
Buy this Photo for $4.99




Pope John Paul II
Pope John Paul II
Doig, Stephen
Buy this Art Print for $19.99




Cathedral of Notre Dame Illuminated at Night Cathedral of Notre Dame Illuminated at Night
Buy this Canvas Transfer

Notre Dame De Paris
Notre Dame De Paris
Picasso, Pablo
Buy this Art Print




















Holy Bible: English Standard Version, Black Premium Calfskin, Heirloom Reference Edition
(Leather Bound)
US$ 122
Holy Bible - English Standard Version - Classic
(Leather Bound)
US$ 29
The Holy Bible English Standard Version: Black, Genuine Leather, Indexed, Boxed
(Leather Bound)
US$ 44
NRSV Reference Edition with Apocrypha Black calfskin leather NRA27
by Bible (Leather Bound)
US$ 62


Pelgrimage Hotels










Pelgrimage Hotels





Gutenberg Bible, Vol. 1 (Rare Books/Special Collections)



Gutenberg Bible, Vol. 2 (Rare Books/Special Collections)



Jerusalem Crown: The Bible of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem



The Old Testament in Syriac: Peshitta Version



Spanish Braille Bible



Pious and learned annotations upon the Holy Bible: Plainly expounding the most difficult places thereof



Computer-Generated Concordance to the Syriac New Testament



A Comparative Edition of the Syriac Gospels: Aligning the Sinaiticus, Curetonianus, Peshitta and Harklean Versions

(Etudes Sur Le Judaisme Medieval,)

New Interpreter's Bible: Complete Twelve Volume Commentary CD-ROM (New Interpreters

Bible Commentaries)


New Revised Standard Version Anglicized Edition With Apocrypha Lectern Bible



The Coptic Gnostic Library: A Complete Edition of the Nag Hammadi Codices

Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture (Mac): Jesus' Meals With Sinners



Michelangelo's last paintings: The Conversion of St. Paul and the Crucifixion of St. Peter

in the Cappella Paolina, Vatican Palace

  Raphael's Bible: A Study of the Vatican Logge (Monographs on the Fine Arts)

The Last Judgement : Volume 1: The Restoration, Volume 2: Color Plates


Incunabula Printed in the Low Countries: A Census (Bibliotheca Bibliographics Neerlandica)

  Incunabula Medica 1467-1480: A Study of the Earliest Printed Medical Books 1467-1480
  Hebrew Incunabula: Mendel Gottesman Library of Herbraica-Judaica, Yeshiva University

Vine's Complete Expository Dictionary o Paintings in the Vatican

The Holy Quran: An English Translation

The Book of Enoch

 King James Version Complete Bible on

Losing Faith in Faith: From Preacher to.

Catechism of the Catholic Church

Leningrad Codex: A Facsimile Edition  

Jesus and Buddha: The Parallel Sayings

 The New American Bible for Catholics:...

Confessions (Oxford World's Classics)

          The Louvre/the Musee D'Orsay

          The Fabric of Theology: A Prolegomenon..   

          A New Christianity for a New World: Why..

          Aquinas's Shorter Summa: Saint Thomas's

          African Americans and the Bible: Sacred...

          The Complete Works of Francis Aquino.

          Intelligent Design Creationism and Its..

          New International Dictionary of New...

          The Question of God: C.S. Lewis and...

          The Coptic Gnostic Library: A Complete

          The Life Recovery Bible: New Living...

          Growing in the Dark: Homemade Christians..




           Systematic Theology


Ugly As Sin: Why They Changed Our...                                           Sacramental Theology

The New Rabbi: A Congregation Searches...                                    When Godly People Do Ungodly Things:..

Holman Bible Atlas: A Complete Guide to...                                     Secret Origins of the Bible                                         

A New Kind of Christian: A Tale of Two...                                         Catholic for a Reason: Scripture and the...

The Anchor Bible Dictionary (6 Volume..                                          The Bible in the Armenian Tradition


           Man's Search for Meaning                                                              The Shakespeare First Folio: The History




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